*In a clinical study, 99.1% of PICCs were placed at the cavoatrial junction or within +/- 1 cm using BARD Tip Confirmation Technology.

Bard Access Systems, Inc.,
Salt Lake City, Utah



**Press Ganey, Inc., 2014

PICC Placement Services

Coram offers PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) placement coordination for patients on infusion therapy. Our program enables patients to have their PICC lines placed in a Coram infusion suite by an experienced PICC-trained nurse. Both placement and confirmation take place on-site, and infusion therapy can begin right away, without the need for a hospital visit.

Program Benefits

With benefits including speed, safety, and satisfaction, Coram’s PICC Placement Program can change the way patients begin infusion therapy.

  • Patient Safety
    • Experienced, PICC-trained nurses
    • Clean, controlled environment
    • Avoidance of hospitals and related infections
  • Speed of Service
    • One call to initiate both PICC placement and infusion services
    • 24-hour average turnaround from benefit authorization to first dose
    • Immediate start of infusion therapy after PICC placement
  • Patient Satisfaction
    • Single visit for both PICC placement and first dosing
    • Convenient appointment scheduling
    • Higher than 98% patient satisfaction**

3CG® Technology

In select Coram branches, our PICC placement program offers the FDA-approved BARD Access System and the Sherlock 3CG Tip Confirmation System. This technology employs passive magnetic tracking and the patient’s cardiac electrical activity to place the PICC tip and confirm its location without the need for x-ray confirmation. Final tip location is confirmed in “real-time” by an ECG printout and validated by an experienced Coram nurse, enabling infusion therapy to begin immediately.

Learn More

To learn more about how our PICC Placement Program can benefit you and your patients, call us at 425.213.6279.

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