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Alpha-1 Therapy

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (alpha-1) is a genetic condition that results in a reduced level of alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) protein in the blood. This occurs because the AAT proteins made in the liver aren't the right shape. They get stuck inside liver cells and can't get into the bloodstream. The primary function of the AAT protein is to protect our lungs from the harmful effects of natural enzymes called proteases — in particular, one called neutrophil elastase. Because not enough AAT protein travels to the lungs to protect them, the risk of lung disease increases. Also, because too many AAT proteins are stuck in the liver, liver disease can develop.

Alpha-1 augmentation therapy consists of weekly infusions of a human plasma-based product called alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor (A1Pi). A1Pi is a purified, concentrated form of lpha-1 Antitrypsin (AAT) protein. As the name implies, augmentation therapy is used to add to, or strengthen, the level of AAT protein in the body. Augmentation therapy is a lifetime treatment that, in most cases, can be administered by a nurse in the home or in a local infusion suite.

Adhering to augmentation therapy will not reverse lung damage that has already occurred, nor will it treat or prevent alpha-1-related liver problems. It may, however, help protect the lungs from further damage.

Coram’s Alpha-1 Offering

Coram has more than 25 years of experience caring for and treating alpha-1 patients. We have one of the most comprehensive offerings of care in the industry, including advocacy support and augmentation therapies that include Aralast NP (Baxter Healthcare), Glassia™ (Baxalta) and Zemaira® (CSL Behring).

Coram’s benefits include:

  • High patient satisfaction: greater than 95 percent across all therapies
  • Skilled nursing and pharmacy staff
  • On-staff Registered Dietitians
  • In-home therapy training and disease education
  • Experienced reimbursement staff
  • Access to other infusion therapies, including antibiotics, immunoglobulin, bronchodilators, corticosteroids, respiratory medications, pre- and post-transplant therapies, and parenteral and enteral nutrition
  • Ability to support therapy needs while traveling, with more than 90 Coram locations
  • Individualized support services through our industry-leading Consumer Advocacy Program (see below)

Coram Resources


Coram's Alpha-1 Advocates are experienced members of the alpha-1 community. Advocates can help with:

  • Answers to questions about alpha-1
  • Guidance on insurance and financial assistance options (COBRA premiums, co-pay assistance, manufacturer product assistance programs, disability insurance, state programs)
  • Finding alpha-1 support groups
  • Coordinating infusion services, and related services while traveling
  • General lifestyle tips and support

Patient Education Tools

Our patient education tools provide step-by-step instructions for administering treatment at home.

Consumer Conference Call Series

Coram's Alpha-1 Advocates host conference calls for Coram customers. Calls feature leading experts from the healthcare and patient communities. The topics are relevant to alpha-1 patients, and a question-and-answer session open to all participants follows each presentation.

Alpha-1 Advocate  Magazine

The Alpha-1 Advocate provides timely and pertinent information about alpha-1 to our alpha-1 patients and caregivers, and is provided free of charge

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