Alpha-1 Advocate

The Alpha-1 Advocate, Coram's complimentary consumer magazine, provides our Alpha-1 patients and caregivers with timely and pertinent information about Alpha-1. Current and past issues of the Advocate are available in our archive below (requires Adobe Acrobat). Search the page for keywords (Ctrl+F/Command+F) to find what interests you.

Alpha-1 Advocate, Issue 34 PDF

  • November is Alpha-1 Awareness Month
  • Breathing a Bit Easier – Thanks to CVS Health
  • Update on the Alpha-1 Patient Registry
  • Advocacy Report – Benefits 101: A Note About Insurance Coverage

Previous Issues

Issue 33 PDF

  • Spring Allergies and Alpha-1
  • Augmentation Therapy
  • Your First Home Infusion Visit

Issue 32 PDF

  • Accepting Alpha-1 and Moving Forward
  • Proactive Testing for a Healthy Future
  • Meet Coram's Alpha-1 Advocacy Team

Issue 31 PDF

  • New Alpha-1 Treatment and Potential Cure on the Horizon?
  • Creating a New Model for Organ Transplants
  • Meet Patient Advocate Angelia Beards

Issue 30 PDF

  • Tom Corron: Beating the Odds
  • Be Proactive About Your Health this Winter
  • Phasing in the Affordable Care Act

Issue 29 PDF

  • Diane Cameron: A Passion for Teaching
  • Dr. Maxwell: Across the Board Testing for Alpha-1
  • ALA's Freedom From Smoking Program
  • 50th Anniversary of the Discovery of Alpha-1

Issue 28 PDF

  • Navigating the Social Secruity Disability Process
  • Support Organizations for Alphas
  • Dr. Jeffrey Rockoff: On the Trail of Alpha-1

Issue 27 PDF

  • Health Care Reform Explained
  • Meet Alpha-1 Advocate John Taylor
  • Insurance Checklist: Do you need to make any updates to your coverage?
  • Have a Healthy Holiday!
  • Tips for Avoiding Infections

Issue 26 PDF

  • Nutrition and Alpha-1
  • Jacob Primera: Becoming a Part of the Family
  • Exercising Tips for COPD Patients
  • Vaccinations for Those Living with Alpha-1

Issue 25 PDF

  • It's Spring! Time to Be Proactive About
    Environmental Issues
  • 10 Tips to Protect Yourself from Unhealthy Air
  • Making Connections: Reaching Out to Others for Support with Alpha-1
  • A "Happy Accident" Leads to an Alpha-1 Diagnosis

Issue 24 PDF

  • The Many Advantages of Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • The Battle of Capitol Hill: Securing Patients' Access
    to Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation FAQs
  • Alpha-1 News

Fall 2011 PDF

  • PSI Founder Dana Kuhn Has a Passion for Patients
  • Alpha-1 Awareness Month
  • Alpha-1 Patient Assistance Programs
  • Flu FAQs

Summer 2011 PDF

  • Siblings Discover an Unknown Family History
  • Making Connections in the Alpha-1 Community
  • Dr. Satyasagar Morisetty: An Eye on Alpha-1
  • Lung Disease FAQs

Spring 2011 PDF:

  • Greg Gaull's Non-Traditional Path to Success
  • Q & A with Liver Specialist Dr. Brian S. Berk
  • Focus on Alpha-1 Consumer Advocates

Winter 2011 PDF

  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Traveling with Alpha-1
  • How to Keep an Alpha-1 House
  • Upcoming Changes in Healthcare
  • The Remarkable Millicent

Fall 2010 PDF

  • John Walsh: Doing What Needs to be Done
  • Vaccinations for Those Living with Alpha-1
  • Common Myths Regarding Organ Donation
  • Faced with a Lung Transplant?

Summer 2010 PDF

  • Steve Chandler: My Alpha-1 Story
  • Secondhand Smoke and Alpha-1 Lung Disease
  • The Challenge of Environmental Infections
  • Alpha-1's Newest Advocate is a Southern Lady

Spring 2010 PDF

  • Joe Shepherd: Communication is Key
  • Alpha-1 Advocacy Alliance: Getting Down to Basics
  • Exercising Tips for COPD Patients

Winter 2010 PDF

  • Cliff Carter's Firefight Against Alpha-1
  • Establishing a Productive Patient/Physician Relationship
  • Nutritional Guidelines for People with COPD - Part II

Fall 2009 PDF

  • Determination: The Key to Quit Smoking
  • How Does GINA Impact Me?
  • Airline Travel with Oxygen and Respiratory Equipment

Spring 2009 PDF

  • Spring is Here and that Means... Pollen!
  • Oxygen Therapy and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Legislation to Raise Lifetime Insurance Caps
    Introduced to Congress
  • Living with Alpha-1: Melinda Fenton's Story

Summer 2008 PDF

  • Co-payments Soar for Drugs with High Prices
  • Livng with Alpha-1
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Apria Programs

Spring 2008 PDF

  • Information on Pollen from the NIEHS
  • Living with Alpha-1
  • Social Security Disability
  • GINA Policy Update

Winter 2008 PDF

  • Making a Difference — A Nurse's Story
  • Facts About MRSa
  • Changes Ahead for Medicare Drug Program

Fall 2007 PDF

  • More Americans Urged to Get Flu Shots
  • Living with Alpha-1
  • Bipartisan Genomics Act Reinrtoduced in Senate

Summer 2007 PDF

  • GINA Passes House of Representatives
  • Living with Alpha-1
  • Focus on Bronchiectasis
  • H.R. 2567 Legislation to Help with Access to Home Infusion Therapy
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