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Study Supplies and Sample Collection

Lab Sample Collection and Processing

As ordered by the clinical trial investigator, Coram Clinical Trial nurses will collect blood samples for analysis by the sponsor’s contracted central laboratory. Coram Clinical Trials will supply portable centrifuge units if specified by the protocol. Additionally, we are able to provide ancillary supplies needed for home blood draws and will arrange for the removal of medical waste created by the study.

Types of samples Coram Clinical Trials routinely collects:

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Fecal
  • Saliva
  • Nasal swabs


Additionally, Coram Clinical Trials has expertise in the collection, processing and shipment of pharmacokinetic (PK) samples.

Clinical Trial Supplies and Equipment

In support of your study protocol, Coram Clinical Trials will provide all the ancillary medical supplies necessary for conducting and servicing subjects as described in the protocol.
We have access to trial supplies needed for conducting in-home study subject visits, including:

  • Infusion/injection supplies
  • Study-specific specimen collection supplies
  • Portable centrifuges (unrefrigerated)
  • Infusion pumps  (ambulatory or pole-mounted)
  • Sharps mail-back disposal containers 
  • Study-specific lab kits
  • Anaphylaxis kits, such as EpiPen®

*Coram may be able to provide special request supply items as well through our contracted vendors.

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