Patient Registries

Research on patient-centered outcomes focuses on quality of life, functional status, and health status rather than just survival. Patient registries represent a unique and powerful method for the collection of such observational, epidemiologic, and clinical data. The data collected with these registries can help us accelerate innovation, produce faster knowledge gains, improve awareness of patient outcomes, and provide a clearer understanding of a therapy's impact on patient quality of life. Coram Clinical Trials is pleased to sponsor the following patient registry programs.

IDEaL Patient Registry Program

The Immunoglobulin, Diagnosis, Evaluation and key Learnings (IDEaL) Patient Registry Program is a cooperative, observational registry directed at Ig use in the United States. The goal of the IDEaL Patient Registry is to provide a mechanism that allows for a better understanding of how immunoglobulin therapy is being used in a real-world clinical setting. Click here to learn more.

AL1TER Patient Registry Program

The Alpha-1 Therapy, Evaluation, and Research (AL1TER) Patient Registry Program will serve as a platform for epidemiological analyses as well as the development of new therapeutic and treatment care strategies for the Alpha-1 population. The Registry's goal is to significantly contribute to the medical understanding of Alpha-1 and to improve the quality of care for patients receiving Alpha-1 augmentation therapy in the U.S. through active publication of Registry findings and disease management approaches. Click here to learn more.

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