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Pharmacy and Nursing Services

Pharmacy Services

Coram Clinical Trials has managed a wide range of pharmacy services for clinical trials, including:

  • Sterile injectable compounding services per USP-797 guidelines
  • Dedicated central investigational product pharmacy
  • Local pharmacy option for investigational products with shorter stability
  • Packaging and shipment of investigational products
  • Cold chain shipment and monitoring for temperature-sensitive investigational products
  • Interactive voice response system (IVRS) / interactive web response system (IWRS) experience
  • Blinding of investigational products
  • Management/maintenance of centrifuges, pumps, and clinical supply needs
  • Drug depot capabilities
  • Investigational product accountability
  • Destruction of investigational product

Nursing Services

In support of your study protocol, Coram Clinical Trials will provide nursing services at a study subject’s home or at approved alternative locations. Additionally, nursing services can be provided in a Coram Ambulatory Infusion Suite – we have more than 70 infusion suites located throughout the country at many of our branch locations, as well as some standalone locations.

Coram Clinical Trials has managed a wide range of nursing services for trials, including:

  • Investigational product administration – infusions and injections (IV, IM, SC)
  • Investigational product reconstitution and labeling
  • Investigational product accountability
  • Visit documentation
  • Physical examinations (focused)
  • Laboratory specimen collection
  • Sample centrifugation, processing, and shipment
  • Device management and compliance
  • Concomitant medication reporting
  • Adverse event reporting
  • Patient assessments and surveys (e.g., cognitive, pain, quality-of-life)
  • Nurse teaching – patient education
  • Monitoring subject compliance
  • Medical waste disposal

Drug Storage and Distribution

Drugs can be dispensed directly from one of our pharmacies to the investigator site or subject’s home, or can be picked up and delivered to the home by the homecare nurse. This process ensures that the drug supply accommodates enrollment needs without incurring waste of the investigational product.

Our services include the following:

  • Inventory and distribution control
  • Sourcing and purchase of comparator products
  • Development of placebo products
  • Investigational product accountability and destruction
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